Sea of Stars

If anything can leave you with your jaws opened, then it’s this surreal beach in Vaadhoo Island, Raa Atoll, Maldives. What appears as a mirror image of the stars above, the bioluminescence in the water is actually due to marine microbes called phytoplankton. The effect it has on the shore is absolutely breathtaking and it encapsulates everything you’d imagine to be in a fairy tale. but before you roll over in search for that specific beach in Vaadhoo to see the so-called Sea of Stars, better know more about the beautiful little creatures that cause this unbelievable glowing effect.

Vaadhoo Beach

But just because organisms, dinoflagellates, have this blue glow, doesn’t mean that they are friendly at all. Some dinoflagellates produce toxins harmful to fish, humans and other creatures. The blue light is believed to be some sort of a defense for these marine organisms.

blue heaven

The marine phenomenon can be best seen during moonless nights. Scuba divers can wave their arms or run their fingers on the sand under the sea to cause a reaction on the glowing planktons. Vaadhoo Island’s Sea of Stars is know as the most romantic natural lightning on the world.


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