Oasis-life in the middle of the death

Deserts are a beautiful part of the earth and conceal many deep mysteries. To me, oases in deserts are like stars on sky, few in number but adding to the beauty and charm. Following is a list of few eye catching oases around the globe.

Agua Caliente, Tucson, Arizona

Agua Caliente

This beautiful oasis has turned into a recreational park. According to the archeological evidences found, the oasis had inhabitation at least 5000 years back. It has warm spring fed ponds, palm trees and paved sand walking trails.

Oasis Ein Gedi, Israel

Ein Gedi Waterfall

Oasis of En Gedi is the largest along the coast of the Dead Sea in Israel. It is near Masada and the caves of Qumran and it’s name means goat kid. It is a very famous oasis since the time of the kingdom of Solomon.

Huacachina, Peru, America


Also known as the “Oasis of America”, Huacachina is an oasis around a natural lake in the desert. A legend states that the lagoon was created when a beautiful princess was disturbed by a young hunter while bathing. She went away and the pool in which she was bathing, transformed into a lagoon. Her mantle became the surrounding sand dunes and she herself is rumored to have turned into a mermaid living in the oasis.

Umm al-Maa, Libya


Umm-al-Maa is a lake oasis in the Idehan Ubari Sand Sea, Libya. It is hidden amongst the sandy dunes of the Ubari Sand Sea deep within the Libyan Sahara. There are 16 more lakes in the surrounding dunes. Some disappear from time to time and some like Gebraoun, Mafo and Umm-al-Maa have a constant presence in the desert.

Chebika Oasis,Tunisia

Chebika Oasis

Chebika belongs to the collection of unlikely desert oases of the mountains north of the great Tunisian chotts. Least famous, Chebika offers perhaps the most effective and dramatic experience among them. Most of the year it is so exposed to the sun that it once was known as Qasr el-Shams, Castle of the Sun.


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