Mystic former Yugoslavia monuments

Today you will see the long lost former Yugoslavia monuments that can be found in its countries today. Yugoslav state was formed after second world war which was the bloodiest war that human kind has witnessed yet. Just because of that destruction and human tragedy most of these monuments were built across whole Yugoslavia, to remember people what war has brought to these lands. No matter the politics and the fact that communist were building these monuments, it’s the message they send to future generation to not raise the weapons on each other again…and indeed that is why they look futuristic, because they are standing there to talk to us in future about what our past has looked like. These truly remarkable, abandoned and alien-like structures stand still against the time. Here I bring some of them that are most astounding. Whole list of these monument in former Yugoslavia you can find here.

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    I saw your article on Yugoslavian spomeniks from a few months back. You put together a good list. I am not sure how interested in them you are, but I have recently made a website documenting and photographing them:


    …I would love to hear what you think of it and take any feedback you might have. Hope to hear from you soon.

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